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Dave Thomas - Council Candidate

48 N 2200 W
Layton, UT



Dave Thomas is the incumbent candidate running for Layton City Council. He believes in being firm, fair and friendly. He likes to listen to what people have to say before he starts an in-depth conversation. Dave likes to use humor to defuse situations and find answers to problems. He believes people are more open and honest if they know someone has a sense of humor and is approachable. Dave is not afraid to make tough decisions. He is direct and to the point and has a driven work ethic. Dave retired from Layton City after 28 years as the Recreation Superintendent. During his tenure as an employee, he was privileged to work with the city council, the mayor and all departments. During the last four years, Dave has served on the Layton City Council and demonstrated he is an effective member who is well respected by his peers and constituents. Dave uses a common-sense approach in most circumstances. He always votes his conscience even though it may not be the popular vote. Dave has the integrity, courage and skills necessary to help lead Layton City for the next four years.