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William Allen, Architect of Davis County

In association with the April Architectural Adventures hosted by the museums of Davis County, this exhibit features some of the original architectural drawings of William Allen. During the month of April 2023, visit any of the Davis County museums to pick up a scavenger hunt and learn about this interesting and influential architect. Also, at each participating museum, visitors can pick up a button and lanyard. There are several different designs, so visit each of the Davis County Museums to collect all six. Many of his buildings are still standing and are in use today. On display with the original architectural plans is one of William Allen's water color paintings. This painting is of a church designed for Centerville. Interestingly, William Allen did not get the final bid for the project, and the church was built by someone else. There are also bricks from the Kaysville Elementary and from Davis High School. Come and learn about William Allen.

Navajo Children: Weaving the Future (May 1st - June 16th)

This exhibit features traditional Navajo rugs and weavings done by kids through the Adopt An Elder Program. This program allows children to learn about their traditional heritage. These spectacular pieces of art were created by artists between the ages of 4 and 16. Come and see this incredible exhibit.


This exhibit focused on weaving, an important aspect of history. Several looms have been placed on display, including a floor loom, table top looms, a Navajo loom, and all different styles of wall hangings, rugs, and other woven art pieces. Come try your hand at carding wool and spinning yarn. Learn about how wool goes from being on a sheep to becoming the clothing that we wear. This exhibit has been designed to go along with a travelling exhibit arriving on May 1st featuring Navajo weavings.

Quilt Expo (June 12th - August 31st)

Join us for our second annual quilt show from June 12 to August 31, 2023. See beautiful quilts crafted by local artists. The theme of this year's quilt show is "My Heritage." For those wishing to participate in the quilt show, please drop off your quilt at the Heritage Museum of Layton with completed application form by June 2. There will also be application forms available at the museum. Although this is labelled as a quilt show, we are also open to receiving mini-quilts and wall hangings for this exhibit. Limit: 2 entries per person.

Quilt Expo Application

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Verdeland Park

Verdeland Park was a housing project constructed in 1943 for families of those working at Hill Air Force Base. Families living in Verdeland Park had to have at least one member of the family working on base or serving in the military. With the construction of Hill Air Force Base, the Naval Supply Depot, and other WWII related facilities in the area, people from many diverse backgrounds moved into Verdeland Park. Although the 72 acre housing complex is no longer standing, it was an important part of Layton History. Come see a map of where Verdeland Park once stood. See some of the furnishings from a Verdeland Park house. Also, see some of the uniforms of men and women from Layton and Northern Davis County who served in the military.

Layton Old Town Exhibit Pictures

Businesses of Layton City

Throughout Layton Cities development, there have been a number of businesses that were influential in the growth of this great city. This room of the museum is dedicated to the businesses that helped influence the history of Layton City. With artifacts from Dansie's Market, A. H. Harris Store, Earnest Layton Building, First National Bank, J. J. Bugger Blacksmith shop and more, come learn about the early history of Layton City.

Layton Old Town Exhibit Pictures

William Allen Architecture Tour

William Robert Allen was a prominent architect in Layton and Kaysville from the late 1880s to the mid-1920s. Many of his buildings are recognizable by their red-brick, Victorian style. Prolific locations he designed include the George W. Layton Home, the Kaysville Tabernacle, and the second Davis County Courthouse. His architectural legacy is evident throughout Layton and Kaysville, as well as other parts of Davis County. Many of his buildings are still standing, an attest to his competence and craftsmanship. The Museum has prepared the most comprehensive list of his works, which is available below. The buildings are mapped so you can follow along in your car to see them as they are today!

E.P. Ellison History

Ephraim Peter Ellison was a valuable player in the founding of Layton City. He was involved with enterprises such as the Farmer's Union Store, the Davis and Weber Counties Canal Company, the Layton Milling Company, the Ellison Ranching Company, First National Bank of Layton, and the Layton Sugar Company.

Read more about E.P. Ellison in the book below ( PDF Download).

Life and Enterprises, 1850-1939

Thank you to the Ellison family for making this book available to the public!

Elias Harris Adams

The Museum has digitized three Davis Hig`h School Yearbooks (1915, 1922, and 1923) for you to enjoy! As you are going through, if you recognize anyone whose name is not mentioned on the page, send us an email at jnewbold@laytoncity.org with the year, page number, photo location, and person's name so we can get a running record!

The books were loaned to scan courtesy of Laurie Williams.