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Layton's connection to the Klondike Gold Rush

In 1896, John W. Burton and his brother Heber left to brave the Alaskan frontier in search of gold. Their journey did not go as expected, as was told in a series of journal entries detailing the hardships and dangers they encountered. Burton was known as a local eclectic collector and had many items to document his travels, a handful of which were donated to the museum. Stop by the museum today to relive his adventures in the Klondike!

The museum's hours are: Monday through Thursday 11 am to 6 pm, Friday 11 am to 5 pm, and Saturday 1 pm to 5 pm. Closed Sunday and holidays.

Klondike Gold Rush

Layton Old Town

The mission of the Heritage Museum of Layton is to Facilitate educational experiences based on the history, people, and culture of Northern Davis County. This is accomplished through the permanent exhibit on display within the Museum. Currently featured is the history of the settlement of Layton in the 1850s when pioneers began moving into the area. The journey continues to showcase Layton's split from Kaysville and the growth of an independent town.

Layton Old Town Exhibit Pictures

Heritage Quilts

Patchwork, embroidered, pieced, handstitched… there are many words that can be used to describe quilts. Visit the Museum from June 6 until August 31 to see an exhibition of over 30 quilts from Layton residents!

Do you have a passion for Layton and for quilting? In addition to the quilt expo, the Museum is holding a quilt block creation contest! All entries must be Layton-themed and 12"x12". Designs can be digital or fabric. Entries will be displayed in the Museum from July 5 until August 31. Submissions are due June 20! For more information, contact Annie at abommer@laytoncity.org or (801) 336-3930. Entry forms can be downloaded HERE.

The Museum has digitized three Davis High School Yearbooks (1915, 1922, and 1923) for you to enjoy! As you are going through, if you recognize anyone whose name is not mentioned on the page, send us an email at abommer@laytoncity.org with the year, page number, photo location, and person's name so we can get a running record!

The books were loaned to scan courtesy of Laurie Williams.