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Secure Elections Town Hall & Tour - 10/12/2022 6:00PM

Elections in Utah are transparent and secure. Learn more about elections, existing safeguards, voter registration, ballot processing, tabulation and more.


Water Measures Update

Updated September 12, 2022. Finally, some relief from the heat! Your lawn, shrubs and other vegetation feel the same. Which means this is the time to adjust and reduce outdoor watering accordingly. With these cooler temperatures, outdoor watering can be reduced to once a week, and shady areas even less. And if the storms materialize this week, this week's watering can be skipped.

As a reminder, all outdoor watering i


Can It!

By Shelley Dawson Davies

Those rows of gleaming bottles of peaches and applesauce Grandma puts up every summer might not seem anything more than a quaint nod to past practices, but the process of safe canning was once responsible for changing the world.


Our Water System

Water Measures

Updated August 12, 2022. Once again, our citizens have proven us right. While some communities imposed mandatory watering restrictions, we were confident that well-informed citizens, with a spirit and sense of community, would respond to voluntary water conservation requests. How well have we done? When looking at the projected demand for water (which is based on an evapotranspiration* formula) we have conserved over 722 million gallons of water as of J

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