Layton City Police

K-9 Unit

K-9 Unit Service Dog - Gracie
K-9 Unit Service Dog - Gracie

The Layton Police K9 Unit is comprised of two handler/dog teams.

Officer Hasseler and his police service dog, Gracie have served the citizens of Layton City since March of 2017. Gracie is a high energy narcotic detection dog who will search for hours without wavering.

Officer Donnelly and his police service dog, Reagan have served the citizens of Layton City since September of 2019. Reagan is an accomplished narcotic detection dog and valuable asset. In addition to narcotic detection, Officer Donnelly and Reagan have spent hundreds of hours teaching Reagan to track lost or missing individuals.

Based upon the needs of Layton City, Gracie and Reagan are both single purpose black labs. Labradors are a versatile breed known to be social, friendly, loyal, and intelligent. Their gentle, eager-to-please temperament make them exceptional dogs to train and be utilized for detection work. In addition to their superior odor detection, Gracie and Reagan are high energy labs that can and will work for hours, asking for very little in return. Due to these strengths and abilities, Gracie, Reagan, and their human partners, are a valuable asset for the city and an example of the police department’s varied resources in providing quality services in the community.

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