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Layton City Recommends Trees

Article Published 03/15/2013

Layton City has created an updated list of recommended trees for residents to consider when planting in park strips that are in front of their homes. This list is not intended to dictate where or what type of tree you choose to plant on your private property. A park strip is the landscaped area between the street and sidewalk.

The list includes two categories of trees: one for trees planted in park strips between 3 and 5 feet and one for trees planted in park strips larger than 5 feet. Each tree is placed in a category based on its ability to thrive and grow to maturity in the amount of space provided in the park strip. For information on how to properly care for and plant your tree, please visit

Also on this list is a series of tree characteristics to help you make a more informed decision about the tree you select, including how far apart it should be planted from other similarly sized trees. Please be aware that trees with a mature height of 30 feet or more should not be planted beneath overhead power lines.

As a City, we look forward to improving the diversity of our “urban forest”! If you have any questions about this updated tree list please contact the Layton City Community and Economic Development Department at (801) 336-3780.

Layton City Recommended Trees Chart