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Back when East Layton was its own city, from 1936-1981

Article Published 12/10/2014

“East Layton” was a former incorporated community that existed for some 45 years, from 1936 to 1981, before being annexed into Layton City.
This community went from the foothills of the mountains on the east to Fairfield Road on the west side. It had irregular boundaries but went as far north as Antelope Drive (2000 North) and as far south as Gentile Street in places.
At about two square miles, East Layton City began with just 160 residents in 1936. These people wanted a reliable water system and hence their incorporation, to receive WPA (Works Project Administration) funding.
The City received its water from Crooked Hollow Springs, which ran into Snow Creek. However, a trestle for a water line had to be constructed for it to cross South Fork Canyon.
David O. Green was East Layton City’s first town president and its offices were eventually located at 1010 North Emerald Drive, near Andy Adams Park.
By 1970, East Layton had grown to 724 residents. That’s why a few years earlier, a 200,000 gallon reservoir was added to the City’s System.
The complexities of local government, as well as a meager sales tax base from business hindered the community.
In January of 1981, residents voted to annex into Layton City. By then, East Layton boasted more than 3,500 residents.
SOURCE: “Layton” history book, by the Layton-Kaysville Historical Society (1985).