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Q&A: Owning chickens in Layton City neighborhoods

Article Published 04/01/2016

Here is a question and answer section on owning chickens in Layton’s residential areas:
Q: Are chickens legal in residential portions of Layton City?
A: Chickens, hens, (females only), in residential zoning districts must be kept in a way which will ensure the continued health and welfare of Layton residents and maintaining the residential character of Layton City neighborhoods while permitting a more sustainable way of living. Any resident with the intent of keeping chickens within a residential neighborhood must have a lot with a minimum of 10,000 square-feet. Hens are allowed in the R-1-6, R-1-8, R-1-10, and R-S zoning districts. 
Q: How many hens are legal?
A: Lots in residential subdivisions shall have no more than six hens on a property with a minimum overall lot area of 10,000 square- feet.
Q: Is a permit required to have hens?
A: Yes. There is a $30 annual fee for the permit. A plot plan is also required from the Community and Economic Development Department. Here is a link to the application:
Q: What are the chicken coop requirements?
A: The coop, pen, cage, or similar structure is restricted to the rear or backyard of a residential use and should not be located less than five feet from any property line. No coop, pen, cage, or similar structure shall exceed 120 square-feet (includes coop space and chicken run) and shall be no taller than seven feet at the highest point of the roof.
Q: Are there any other requirements?
A: Yes. All hens must be kept in an area enclosed by a fence sufficient to prohibit escape. All pens, coops, and cages shall be kept clean and free from objectionable odor and waste. Waste and debris must be kept from becoming offensive or a health hazard.
Q: What about roosters?
A: Roosters are not permitted in residential zones.
Q: What about slaughter?
A: No slaughter of hens is allowed in Layton’s residential zones.
Q: What happens if these regulations are not followed?
A: The permit may be revoked.
Q: What about the ownership of other fowl in Layton’s residential zones?
A: All other fowl associated with being kept outdoors are prohibited in the R-1-6, R-1-8, and R-1-10 zones. 
Q: What about chickens in Layton’s other zones?
A: In R-S (residential suburban) and A (agriculture) zoning districts additional chickens are allowed.