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Layton City Splash Pad

Article Published 02/14/2013

Layton City is currently working to finalize the design of a new splash pad.  The splash pad will be located at Ellison Park 700 North 2200 West Layton.  Construction on the splash pad is scheduled to begin in early spring.  With a grand opening scheduled for this summer. 


The splash pad will consist of a raised play structure and seven ground level spray components.  The raised structure provides an exciting level of interactive and imaginative play.  The structure has seven elevated spray features including a dragon, water flower, spray arch and a large dumping bucket.  On the deck there are eight interactive spray features that include spray cannons, dumping buckets and water spinners.  All together the raised structure has 15 water features as well as a double wide slide.


Around the raised structure there will be seven additional ground level water elements that include features for toddlers and older children.  There will be a water umbrella, mega soaker water cannon and the loops and tail of the water dragon. 


The splash pad will be powered by a state of the art water treatment and recycling system similar to the one used at Layton City Surf ‘n Swim.  The water will be filtered, treated and filtered again using ultra-violet light to make sure it is clean and safe to play in.  The treated water will then be recycled through the play system, allowing for greater conservation of the water used to operate the splash pad.