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New Citizen Radar Program Introduced To Combat Speeding Problems

Article Published 03/19/2009

The Layton Police Department has recently implemented a new program to combat speeding in the city. It is called the Citizen Radar Program, and keeping in line with the Department’s mission statement, the program is designed to work in partnership with the community to recognize and resolve public safety concerns.

After a citizen passes a basic background check and participates in a short training session, the Department will loan them a radar unit. The citizen can then use the radar in their neighborhood to detect speeders. When they detect a speeder, the citizen will record the day, time, speed, vehicle description, license plate number, and a brief description of the driver. At the conclusion of a two week period, the citizen will return the radar unit and their activity log to the Department.

The information from the activity log will be used in a couple of different ways. First, when warranted based on the post speed compared to the speed of the vehicle, the Department will send a courtesy letter to the registered owner. It will inform the owner of the observed speeding violation and ask their help in keeping our neighborhoods safe by controlling speeds in the future. The information of the citizen who recorded the violation will be kept confidential. The second way it will be used is to determine the extent of a speeding problem in a given area. The information obtained from the activity log will help the Department determine the best days and times to deploy officers, thereby getting the best results from limited resources.

Anyone interested in this program should contact Sgt. Jason Hinojosa at 801-336-3453 for additional details.