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Pet Ordinances

Article Published 08/28/2013

Pets are beloved members of households in Layton City. However, Layton City has specific ordinances that govern the ownership and care of animals.

Here's the first of a two-part look at these ordinances in a question and answer format:

How many household pets are legal in Layton City?
Household pets are limited to the keeping of not more than two dogs or cats, or combination thereof, four months old or older. In other words, a household can have one cat and one dog; or two cats; or two dogs; but nothing exceeding the two quantity number; except as noted below. For example, having a kennel license would increase the numbers. Also, in addition to the two permitted animals, one seeing-eye, search and rescue, or other aid dog may be allowed under certain circumstances.

Why can a household only have two pets?
Layton City's law is based on years of experience, which have shown that the city as a whole is better off if only two pets are allowed per household, based on providing proper care and control.

When does a dog need to be licensed?
It is unlawful for any resident to own, keep, harbor, or maintain a dog over the age of four months of age, without registering and obtaining a license for such dogs from the Animal Control Department, or authorized vendor. All dogs brought into the City shall require registering and licensing within thirty days after they enter the City, or within thirty days after having reached the age of four months. Licensing a dog ensures it is properly vaccinated. Also, if the animal is ever lost, it is critical in finding the owner quickly.

How much does a dog license cost?
Annual licensing fees range from $10-$40, depending on if a dog is sterilized and has a microchip. Licenses can be purchased from Davis Animal Services, or from area veterinarians.

Why are dogs not allowed in any of the city's parks?
Based on clean up problems and too many situations of dogs running loose in city parks during past years, the city's leaders decided it was in the best interest of the majority to make it illegal for canines to be inside any city park. Pets are also prohibited from school grounds during school hours, unless they are part of a special class activity. The only exceptions to the above would be authorized service dogs.

Can I have my dog off a leash during a walk in public?
No. This violates Layton City laws regarding animals "at large." This means that an animal shall be considered to be "at large" when it is off the owner's property and not under immediate control by means of a durable restraint device, capable of keeping the animal restrained.

What is a dog owner's responsibility regarding clean up of their animal?
The person having custody of an animal shall be responsible for the immediate removal of any excreta deposited by their animal on any public walk, recreation area, or private property other than that belonging to the owner of the animal. Some pet clean up stations are available along some city trails. Also, pet stores sell special waste bags that can be carried by pet owners to clean up after their animals. A dog owner also needs to regularly clean up the excreta of his pets on their own property, so that odors do not offend any neighbors.

Can I take my dog or cat into a grocery store?
No. It is unlawful for any person to take or permit any animals, excluding Hearing or Seeing Eye Dogs, whether on a leash or in the arms of their owners, in any establishment or place of business where food or food products fit for human consumption are sold, or distributed, including but not limited to restaurants, grocery stores, meat markets, and fruit or vegetable stores.

(-To be continued ...)

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