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Hottest days ever recorded in Layton City?

Article Published 07/27/2016
What was the hottest temperature ever recorded in Layton City?
There are no official weather stations in Layton City’s borders. However, Dan Pope, KTVX, Ch. 4 TV Chief Meteorologist, said he often uses to fill gaps in weather records. Although not “official,” he reports finding it the next best thing and fairly accurate.
According to Intellicast, the all-time hottest day ever recorded in Layton City was both on July 14, 2002 and again on July 18, 1998 when temperatures soared to 105 degrees. 
Intellicast lists July 10, 1998 and also Aug. 4, 1994 as both having Layton’s second hottest episode at 104 degrees.
What’s the latest ever triple digit temperature ever recorded for Layton-Hill AFB? That was 101 degrees on Aug. 12, 2003.
Pope said this weather data actually comes from a Hill Air Force Base weather station, adjacent to Layton.
He also noted that the Layton/Hill AFB weather records do not coincide with the Salt Lake International Airport’s all-time hottest days. The Airport’s hottest record was 107 degrees set on July 26, 1960 and again on July 13, 2002.