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FEMA Revised Floodplain Appeal Period

Article Published 10/21/2014
Layton City has received a letter from FEMA stating the appeal period will start after the second publication of the “notification concerning the appeal process” in the Standard Examiner and the Davis County Clipper, scheduled for October 9 and 16, 2014.   During the 90 day appeal period all comments concerning the proposed preliminary maps completed by URS for FEMA should be submitted to Layton City to be included with our appeal submittal completed by Bowen Collins.

A copy of the FEMA letter and other attachments to their letter is linked to the "FEMA Floodplain Info" webpage in the Documents column on the right side. Engineering will be working closely with our consultant, Bowen Collins, to assure our appeal submittal meets the requirements outlined by FEMA.  Once the 90 day appeal period closes the “Community Consultation” period starts which will include dialogue between Layton City and FEMA regarding the scientific data submitted with our appeal.  The city also has the option of requesting a “Scientific Resolution Panel” to review our appeal which is an “independent third party review of the information to ensure the Flood Insurance Rate Maps are update correctly”.

Please call (801) 336-3700 if you have any questions or concerns regarding the attached data.  We will inform you of any significant updates through the website during the appeal process.