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New Technology Helps Police Locate Missing Persons

Article Published 10/05/2011

Layton - October 5, 2011

From June 1, 2010, to July 1, 2011, Layton Police Department spent over 425 hours on walk away/missing person incidents involving people with Alzheimer’s, Dementia, or Autism. While the primary concern is always the safe return of the individual, these cases create a significant drain on law enforcement resources. That is why Layton Police Department started looking for ways it could improve services to this segment of our population, while at the same time reducing the impact on the Department.

After analyzing available current technology, Layton Police Department is proud to announce its partnership with EmFinders. EmFinders operates a nationwide emergency location system that is fully integrated with the 9-1-1 system. Utilizing a device that is about the size of a wrist watch, the EmFinders system uses cell phone triangulation technology to determine the wearer’s location and immediately calls the local dispatch center. The EmFinders system can provide peace of mind to caregivers and benefits law enforcement by simplifying and expediting the process of locating a missing person.

There are currently 73 police departments across the country using the EmFinders’ device. From September 10, 2010, to September 11, 2011, EmFinders recorded 54 rescues with an average rescue time of 27 minutes.

As the first law enforcement agency in Utah to use this technology, Layton Police Department has a limited number of EmFinders’ devices that can be given out to community members based on need. The device remains the property of the Department, and the caregiver is responsible for the $25 monthly subscription. For additional information, please contact Lt. Garret Atkin at (801) 336-3454.