18 Aug 2022
City Council Work Meeting, 437 N Wasatch Drive, Council Conference Room
18 Aug 2022
City Council Meeting, 437 N Wasatch Drive, Council Chambers
By Shelley Dawson Davies Those rows of gleaming bottles of peaches and applesauce Grandma puts up every summer might not seem anything more than a quaint nod to past practices, but the process of safe canning was once responsible for changing the world. People have ... more
Article Published 08/16/2022 08:28 AM
Water Measures Updated August 12, 2022. Once again, our citizens have proven us right. While some communities imposed mandatory watering restrictions, we were confident that well-informed citizens, with a spirit and sense of community, would respond to voluntary water conservation requests. How well have we done? ... more
Article Published 08/12/2022 04:37 PM
Layton City is Accepting Letters of Interest and Applications for the Following Commissions: Recreation, Arts, Museum and Parks Advisory Commission Layton City is currently accepting applications to fill a vacant position on the Layton City Recreation, Arts, Museum ... more
Article Published 08/09/2022 08:41 AM
By Shelley Dawson Davies Sewing layers of fabric and fleece together to make a quilt has been an artful way to keep loved ones warm for hundreds of years. Quilts made from one piece of fabric, called whole cloth quilts, gradually gave way to pieced and patchwork quilts ... more
Article Published 06/06/2022 08:49 AM
Layton City has partnered with the Salt Lake Bees to offer discounted game tickets for the 2022 season! To purchase discounted Salt Lake Bees tickets use the following link, . Receive up to $5 off per ticket using the link. Contact the Parks and Recreation office at 801-336-3900 ... more
Article Published 03/28/2022 02:12 PM