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Mission Statement

The Community and Economic Development Department’s role and mission is to provide timely, fair, and professional services in the following areas: Current Planning (zoning), Comprehensive Planning, Code Enforcement, Building Inspection, Business Licensing, Economic Development and Historic Preservation. Through hard work in each of these services, we hope to create a safer and more pleasing environment for the citizens of Layton City. To this end we establish yearly goals and objectives to guide us toward accomplishing the most important tasks.

Community & Economic Development Functions

Primarily, it is the duty of the Community and Economic Development Department to oversee and manage the planning, development, building and growth of Layton City. Specifically the department duties are: issue building permits and ensure code compliance through building inspections; license businesses; comprehensive planning (land use master plan); zoning; zoning enforcement; site plan review; economic development; historic preservation and rehabilitation programs; maintain the statistical base for the City; administer Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds. We also serve as advisors to the City Council, Planning Commission, Board of Adjustment and the Design Review Committee.

Hill Air Force Base Compatible Use Plan for Proposals

Layton City, Utah

Layton City, the sponsoring agent for this multi-jurisdictional planning effort, is seeking qualified firms to prepare a comprehensive Compatible Use Plan (CUP) for Hill Air Force Base in Northern Utah. Layton City, on behalf of eleven cities in, and including Davis and Weber Counties, federal and state delegation, and various state and regional entities, is also requesting in conjunction with this RFP, consideration of a Compatible Use Plan (CUP) planning grant from the Department of Defense, Office of Economic Adjustment. The Compatible Use Plan will incorporate, but not be limited to; all jurisdictions adjacent to Hill Air Force Base or otherwise directly affected by Hill Air Force Base daily operations (eleven cities, 2 counties), Falcon Hill, Little Mountain, the Utah Test and Training Range (UTTR) as well as Hill proper.

Layton City and all participating communities continue to support HAFB and have done so since HAFB began operations decades ago. Layton City is the largest community in Davis County and enjoys the greatest quantity of shared boundary around the perimeter of HAFB. This grant will provide funding to Layton City to contract with a Consultant to conduct and produce a Compatible Use Plan that will benefit 2 Counties (Davis, Weber) and 11 surrounding or affected local communities (Clearfield, Clinton, Layton, Ogden, Riverdale, Roy, South Ogden, South Weber, Sunset, Uintah, and Washington Terrace). Hill Air Force Base is very important to all residents and communities in Northern Utah and the State of Utah.

A review committee will select a Consultant who will conduct a comprehensive CUP as a regional community-driven, cooperative, strategic planning process encompassing all Surrounding Jurisdictions and others identified and impacted by HAFB operations that will include: Clearfield City, Clinton City, Layton City, Ogden City, Riverdale City, Roy City, South Ogden City, South Weber City, Sunset City, Uintah City, Washington Terrace City, Davis County, Weber County, various regional and state planning and economic development entities, and state and federal delegation.

Interested firms must demonstrate knowledge and experience in community planning using well established and effective long term and sustainable planning principles and development patterns, preferable market driven development options and resolution to major land use issues, fiscal impact analysis, successful economic development practices, and military installation management and operations. Demonstration of experience as the lead consultant who has successfully completed a Compatible Use Plan involving an Air Force Base is preferable.

All interested parties wishing to bid for this opportunity must be submit a complete response to Layton City by 5:00 p.m., July 12, 2019. Hill Air Force Base


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