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25 Jan 2018

Digital Photography

07:00 PM to 09:00 PM

Learn how to get better results from your digital camera. Designed to help beginning photographers move beyond point-and-shoot and gain more creative control over their photography. Initial classes will focus on the elements of exposure, histograms and the use of depth of field. Subsequent classes will examine the use of the various programmed shooting modes found on most digital cameras. Using those skills as a foundation, the class will then move on to composition and tips for better portrait, travel, and nature photos. Class instruction will focus on the use of DSLR cameras. Students are encouraged to reinforce techniques presented in class by practicing during the week. Participants are invited (but not required) to share their images and experiences with the group.

Admission: $59


Event Location: Layton High School - Layton

Presented by: Layton Community School