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Updated April 22, 2020

Dear Friends, Neighbors, and Fellow Layton City Residents,

Here is an update for today:


Let’s keep turning this around. Aren’t we tired of hearing COVID? Coronavirus? Contagious? Let’s replace it with three better c’s – cautious, considerate, and committed. The "soft openings" of businesses are to begin soon, which is a good thing. (And remember, the virus is still here. This last week there were 32 new cases in Davis County. The direction of the numbers is good, but should be better.) So as the openings begin let’s be cautious. It is apparent the measures in place are working, and those measures call for us to be cautious by washing our hands, not touching our face, and to take other steps to protect ourselves from becoming ill. Let’s be cautious.

Let’s be considerate. In addition to protecting ourselves from exposure, let’s be considerate of others’ health by keeping that physical distance and separation of at least six feet. Let’s alleviate others’ concerns by wearing masks when required to do so. Let’s be mindful of others whose health may be undetectably compromised. Let’s be thoughtful and good neighbors by finding ways to facilitate others’ needs. Let’s be considerate.

Let’s be committed. In cooperation with the recommendations of the health professionals, we’ve truly flattened the curve. However, the CDC is now projecting that the resurgence of this virus in the winter will be worse than this initial wave, as it will be coupled with our flu season. Let’s commit to preventing that from happening. Let’s continue exercising those measures that have proven successful, particularly the physical distancing. Let’s be committed.

You may have noticed we didn’t say “social distancing.” That’s because of two other c’s we want to remember. While we want to maintain “physical distancing”, we need to stay connected socially. Please reach out and connect with others, as that results in our final c – community. Let’s remain a community as we emerge from this phase of our State’s plan.

Thank you again!

Respectfully yours,

Mayor Joy Petro
Councilmember Zach Bloxham
Councilmember Tom Day
Councilmember Dawn Fitzpatrick
Councilmember Clint Morris
Councilmember Dave Thomas

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