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Moderate Income Housing Plan (MIHP Report)

Layton City’s 5 year housing demand estimate is derived from a 30-year projection based on a real estate economic forecast by RCLCO in 2017. The forecast is derived from Layton’s probable share of the projected Davis County 2050 population 493,263, or 182,148 households (as provided by the Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute).


Flint Street Closure

Flint Street will be closed from December 2nd to 5th.  Please view the map indicating the road closure location and detour route.  We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.


Notice of Drinking Water Source Protection Zone Map Update

Notice is hereby given that Layton City is updating its Drinking Water Source Protection Plans. This update includes revisions to the Drinking Water Source Protection Zone Map. Per Municipal Code 13.11.200, public comments will be accepted for 30 days until December 14, 2020, after which the map will become effective, as approved by the Drinking Water Source Protection Review Committee. The proposed Drinking Water Source Protection Zone map can be found at


No business needs a loss with fire - Fire Marshal's Challenge

Hi Layton business members! A business never wants a loss in property damage and hours of operation. Fire Safety reminders in meetings and messages posted in the workplace help. As a Fire Marshal's Office, we have a challenge for you to print this PDF out and include it in your safety meeting discussions. We suggest posting this information on bulletin boards and electronic media sources. You will receive great benefits from enhanced safety education for all your business partners and the com

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