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Wildfire Community Preparedness Day - May 1, 2021

Saturday, May 1, 2021
Preparedness Day

Wildfire Community Preparedness Day is a national campaign that encourages people and organizations everywhere to come together on a single day to take action to raise awareness and reduce wildfire risks. It is held in the United States and Canada on the first Saturday in May. Given that in-person gatherings are limited or on-hold in many places, this year’s Prep Day is focused on what residents can do on and around the


Davis & Weber Counties Canal - Water Restrictions (Layton)

EXTREME DROUGHT! Please reduce your secondary water use. Please strive not to water more than twice a week to stretch the limited water resource. We encourage wise water use and ask that you reference the State website for their weekly watering guide. (


Davis and Weber Counties Canal Company - System Info for 2021

The past 2020 water season was relatively an average snowpack and a very hot and dry summer as well as a dry fall. We ended the year with low storage and our current winter has not produced the snow we need. We are in a D3 Extreme Drought condition. We have determined that we will end the water season early on October 1st due to the drought situation.

We continue to encourage efficient use of the water and conserve where possible. Please adjust your watering based on the weather.


No business needs a loss with fire - Fire Marshal's Challenge

Hi Layton business members! A business never wants a loss in property damage and hours of operation. Fire Safety reminders in meetings and messages posted in the workplace help. As a Fire Marshal's Office, we have a challenge for you to print this PDF out and include it in your safety meeting discussions. We suggest posting this information on bulletin boards and electronic media sources. You will receive great benefits from enhanced safety education for all your business partners and the com

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