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Winter 2020 Newsletter

Read all about what the museum has been up to so far this winter! If you would like to be added to our mailing list, please send your name and address to!


COVID-19 Testing Site at Ellison Park is a public-private partnership with the State of Utah created to help the state get back to work by gathering COVID-19 information and providing access to free testing for as many Utahns as possible.

Ellison Park will be a location used by!

In order to get tested you must go to


Parks and Recreation Department Volunteer of the Year

Each year the Layton City Parks and Recreation Department coordinates with many different groups and individuals who serve as volunteers in a variety of capacities within the Department.  From youth coaches, citizen committee members, specialized service projects, special events, and many more; these volunteers are greatly appreciated.  Many of the programs ran through the Parks and Recreation Department would not be possible without these individuals who


Moderate Income Housing Plan (MIHP Report)

Layton City’s 5 year housing demand estimate is derived from a 30-year projection based on a real estate economic forecast by RCLCO in 2017. The forecast is derived from Layton’s probable share of the projected Davis County 2050 population 493,263, or 182,148 households (as provided by the Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute).


No business needs a loss with fire - Fire Marshal's Challenge

Hi Layton business members! A business never wants a loss in property damage and hours of operation. Fire Safety reminders in meetings and messages posted in the workplace help. As a Fire Marshal's Office, we have a challenge for you to print this PDF out and include it in your safety meeting discussions. We suggest posting this information on bulletin boards and electronic media sources. You will receive great benefits from enhanced safety education for all your business partners and the com

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