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Wildfire season is approaching

UPDATED Mar 25, 2009

Show Layton your talent

UPDATED Mar 24, 2009

Secondary water information for Layton residents

UPDATED Mar 24, 2009

Dogs in City parks, area trail system information

UPDATED Mar 24, 2009

2009 Municipal Election for Mayor, 2 City Council seats

UPDATED Mar 23, 2009

Parks and trash: Thank you for 'Packing it in, packing it out'

UPDATED Mar 23, 2009

Layton City building permits Q-and-A

UPDATED Mar 23, 2009

Police remind residents of common City ordinance violations during spring, summer

UPDATED Mar 22, 2009

New Citizen Radar Program Introduced To Combat Speeding Problems

UPDATED Mar 19, 2009

QuickStart Tennis Training Workshop

UPDATED Mar 10, 2009

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