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Weber Basin offering conservation rebates

Article Published 01/18/2018

It has  been a very dry winter so far. 
Most people who have lived in Utah for a few years know that the amount of precipitation received during the winter varies greatly from year to year. This year, so far, we are at about 63 percent of average. This means if the area doesn’t receive more snow, it could mean less water available in the summer.
To help combat low water levels Weber Basin Water Conservancy District facilitates several conservation programs every year. This year it is offering two new rebate programs; toilets and commercial smart irrigation controllers.
-Toilets use vastly different amounts of water per flush depending on the style, brand, and year they were produced. Many toilets installed 1993 or before use double the amount of water per flush than newer, more efficient models. 
If you have an older toilet and are interested in upgrading to a newer, more efficient model Weber Basin is willing to rebate you $75. 
-Commercial Smart Irrigation Controllers are much larger than those used by homeowners and have the capacity to control more stations. These also connect to weather stations and adjust automatically depending on the weather. 
If you are a city entity or business owner you may qualify for a rebate on one of these controllers. These controllers are intended for larger sites or where multiple sites need to be controlled by a single facility manager. To qualify for these rebates please call the District to make sure funding is still available and how large your project is so that can ensure rebate funds are available for your project. Rebates in this category can be as high as $1,500 per controller.
-For more information and to apply for a rebate, go to: