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Avoid parking on the street overnight

Article Published 12/02/2019

It is now “no parking season” on the streets overnight in Layton City until March 1st.

Here’s a question and answer session on this seasonal ordinance:

Q: Why can’t I park on the street overnight?

A: Layton’s Municipal code states that it is illegal for vehicles to be parked on the roadway from 1 a.m. until 6 a.m. during the months of December, January, and February -- or anytime that snow removal is apparent or imminent.

Vehicles parked on the street are a hindrance to snow removal and in white out conditions, could jeopardize the safety of snow plow drivers.

Also, not being able to fully clear the snow off streets, due to a parked vehicle, may affect the safety of other drivers, who drive the street and have to swerve to avoid icy spots, or drive in slick areas.

Q: Will I receive a ticket if I park on the street overnight during December, January and February?

A: Layton Police Officers patrol city streets overnight and may issue citations to the owners of vehicles that have been parked on the street during the prohibited times.  The police department is asking for the public’s cooperation with this effort.

Q: Why can’t I park on the street overnight during the prohibited months when there’s no chance of snow being forecast?

A: Weather forecasts are not always accurate. Plus, developing the habit of parking on the street will be hard to break and you may forget to move your vehicle on a night when it does snow. In addition, vehicles parked on the street during any season are more vulnerable to vandalism and burglary.

Q: Why don't other cities have on-street parking bans in the winter too?

A: Most neighboring cities do have similar ordinances.

Q: What if my apartment complex, or my driveway doesn’t have enough room to hold all my vehicles? 

 A: You must be able to park all of your vehicles off the street.  You will have to find other locations in which to park your vehicles if they do not all fit in your driveway. You could ask neighbors if they have extra parking space available.

Q: Who can I contact for more information on Layton’s overnight parking ordinance, or concerns about it?

A: The Layton City Police Code Enforcement Unit or any police officer should be able to answer questions concerning this ordinance.  The phone number is 801-497-8300.