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31 Jan 2024


06:00 PM to 08:30 PM

Learn the fundamentals of shooting a
rifl e. Topics include fi rearm safety, parts
and operation of the rifl e, shooting
fundamentals, ammunition, cleaning,
and maintenance. Owning a fi rearm is
not required to take this course. Please
DO NOT bring a fi rearm to this class. The
classroom portion will be held at Layton
High and shooting portion at Red Dot in
Layton. Price does not include the cost
of the range, fi rearms, or ammunition.
Firearms can be rented at Red Dot for
an additional cost. Taught at by Bruce
Illum bruce.illum@gmail.com who is an
NRA Training Counselor and Instructor
with the USCCA.
1/31 W 6-8:30 pm $59


Event Location: 440 Lancer Ln, Layton, UT 84041 - Layton

Presented by: Davis School District Community Education