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Planning & Zoning
Business Licensing
Building Permits

Planning & Zoning

Q.How can I find the zoning for my property?
A.You may be able to find the answer on the Zoning Map. It is also possible to determine the zoning by looking up your zoning on the Interactive Maps. Simply click Zoning under Interactive Maps, click the Locate Address button, and enter your address.

Q.How can I get information about the Planning Commission meeting agenda?
A.Contact the Community Development Planning Division at 336-3780.

Q.I want to subdivide my property. How can I tell if it is feasible and how do I go about doing it?
A.Contact the Community Development Planning Division at 336-3780.

Q.How can I find out what the parking requirements are for a certain type of business?
A.You can find this in the Zoning ordinance under Title 19.12 (Off-street Parking) or you can call the Planning Division at 336-3779.

Business Licensing

Q.When do I need a business license?
A.A business license is required for any money or service exchanged for profit. A license is also required for non-profit organizations; however, these permits are free.

Building Permits

Q.I want to install an alarm in my house. Do I need a permit?
A.A permit is required for any type of house alarm. Permits for house alarms are obtained through the Police Department.

Q.I'm installing a shed. Do I need a building permit?
A.Building permits are required for all sheds larger than 200 square feet. All sheds must meet the required setbacks. Contact the Community Development Department for the appropriate information about your particular situation.

Q.I want to remodel my home. Do I need a building permit?
A.A permit is required for all finishing and remodeling of a home.

Q.I'm installing a sprinkling system. Do I need a permit?
A.A permit is required for all sprinkling systems that connect to the culinary water system.

Q.Do I need a building permit to finish my basement?
A.A permit is required to finish a basement. Contact the Community Development Building Division at 336-3760 for more information.

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