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Domestic Violence

Getting help and/or getting out may mean getting a protective order.
There is no cost to obtain one.

To Qualify: Be at least 16 yrs of age, and ...

  • Have resided in the same residence together, or
  • Have been married to or had a child together, or
  • Are related by blood or marriage

Protection may include:

  • Restrained from committing abuse or domestic violence against you and your family members
  • No contact directly, indirectly, or by telephone
  • Stay away from home, work, school, daycare, etc.
  • Temporary custody of children, residence, automobile, personal property, etc.
  • Visitation schedule for children with third party or curbside pick up and/or drop off
  • Temporary child support
Domestic Violence Victims Have Rights Too!
  • Right to seek safe shelter
  • Right to be informed of court hearings
  • Right to obtain a copy of police report at no cost
  • Right to seek counseling
Characteristics of Abusive Behavior
  • Jealousy, Possessive, Controlling, Isolation
  • Unrealistic expectations
  • Blames other for problems - its always your fault if he/she hits you
  • Threatens to kill you, self, kids, pets
  • Throws things, Abusive to past partner
  • Finds forceful sex exciting, Easily insulted, Criticizes
  • Degrades, Humiliates, Curses, Calls you names
  • Cruel to children and/or animals
  • Rigid sex role expectations
  • Won't give you money
  • Doesn't allow you to make decisions
  • Controls who your friends are and where you can go

See Utah Code Annotated 77-38-1 et.seq. for a complete copy of the Victims' Bill of Rights.

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