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It Could Happen To You ...

Stalking involves one person's obsessed behavior toward another person. It frequently will not stay contained to just the victim, but can extend to other family members and friends. A victim can be stalked for several days, weeks or even years.

Victims can be casual acquaintances, a complete stranger or a former intimate partner.

What You Can Do...
  • File a report with the police department
  • Try to avoid all personal contact
  • Tell your stalker once, clearly "NO"
  • Don't let personal information be released
  • Remove identification from checks, etc.
  • Get a PO box
  • Get a form from the State Tax Commission to prevent access to vehicle information that may lead to your address (no charge to do this)
  • Get a new driver's license with PO Box address and contact the DL Division to protect your personal information (no charge to do this)
  • Let everyone around you know what is going on
  • Always be alert and aware of your surroundings, mail, packages, etc.
  • Tape record calls and messages from stalker
  • Document everything and report it to police
Get a Civil Stalking Injunction
--There is no cost to obtain one.

To qualify: Be a victim of stalking or harassment behaviors that cause alarm and distress.

What you need:

  • A list or journal of every contact by the stalker
  • NOTARIZED witness statements
  • Copies of police reports documenting stalking
  • Copies of letters or notes and transcripts of telephone messages or things said.

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