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Crime Free Multi-Housing

Program Overview

Crime Free Multi-Housing LogoThis program was developed in Mesa, Arizona in 1992 and achieved almost instant success. In rental properties with the highest crime rates, the immediate results showed up to a 90% reduction in police calls for service. Even in the best properties, reductions of 15% were not uncommon.

The Crime Free Multi-Housing program is successful because it approaches crime on many fronts. There are three ways criminal activity comes into a rental community:

  1. The criminal lives there;
  2. The criminal visits friends who live there;
  3. They are opportunistic and randomly come to the property to commit crimes.

The Crime Free Multi-Housing program addresses all three possibilities. Not renting to people with criminal history or intent increases the quality of tenants and reduces the number of visitors who come to the property with criminal intent, i.e., to purchase drugs or engage in gang activity. In addition, using the principles of C.P.T.E.D. (Crime Prevention Through Environment Design) helps to combat opportunistic crimes that may occur in parking lots or common areas.

The police cannot solve crime problems alone; neither can the management or residents of rental properties. However by working together, the end result is a successful approach to dealing with crime in rental communities.


In order to achieve certification in the Layton Crime Free Multi-Housing program, rental properties must meet the following criteria:

  • Employees of the property must attend an 8-hour training program presented by the Layton Police Department.
  • Properties must achieve and maintain compliance with established C.P.T.E.D. (Crime Prevention Through Environment Design) standards.
  • Properties must conduct at least one "resident social" each year.
  • Properties must use the Crime Free Addendum in conjunction with the in-house application/lease agreement.
  • Certified properties agree to serve appropriate eviction notices for violations of the Crime Free Addendum or for other situations that endanger the health or safety of other residents.

As certified member of the program, management will receive the following benefits:

  • Certificates at the completion of each phase of the program. These certificates may be posted in the office as long as the property remains in good standing with the program.
  • One large metal sign that identifies the property as a participating member in the Layton Crime Free Multi-Housing Program. This sign may be displayed as long as the property remains in good standing with the program. Certified properties will also be allowed to purchase additional signs if they desire.
  • Management will gain a close working relationship with members of the Community Resource Division. As part of this relationship, certified properties will receive police reports and statistics, free of charge.
  • Certified properties will be listed on the Layton City website.
  • Certified properties may use the Crime Free logo in all advertising, as long as they remain in good standing with the program.
Certified Property Listings

The following apartment communities have completed the minimum requirements set forth by the Layton Police Department to participate in the Layton Crime Free Multi-Housing program.

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