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Secondary Water System

Secondary water is used in many areas of Layton City for outdoor irrigation purposes. Three companies provide secondary water to portions of Layton City as shown on the following map.

Weber Basin Secondary Water Service Area News

Beginning in the Spring 2017, Layton City will provide operational and maintenance support for Weber Basin Water Conservancy’s secondary water system within Layton City boundaries. That means Layton City crews will be repairing leaks and responding to pressure problems on Weber Basin’s secondary pipe system.

To determine if your home or business is within Weber Basin’s secondary water service area, refer to the following map ( Areas shaded in blue represent the Weber Basin secondary water service area. (Areas in green and red represent other secondary water companies that service parts of Layton City.) To report a pressure problem or leak within Weber Basin’s service area, please call Layton City Public Works Shop at (801) 336-3720 or you can submit and online form below.

Secondary Water FAQ

Which company provides secondary water to my home?

Click to view the secondary water map

Areas shaded on the map represent the following three secondary water service areas within Layton City:

  • Blue = Weber Basin
  • Green = Kays Creek Irrigation
  • Red = Davis and Weber Counties Canal Company
I would like to report a leak or pressure problem on my secondary system. Who do I contact?

It depends on which secondary water company is in your area. First, check the secondary water service area map and determine the provider.  Then contact the appropriate company as listed below:

  • Weber Basin secondary service area -- contact Layton City Public Works Shop at (801) 336-3720 or submit an online leak or problem
  • Kays Creek Irrigation service area -- contact Kays Creek Irrigation at (801) 941-2010
  • Davis and Weber Counties Canal Company service area – call Davis and Weber Counties Canal Company at (801) 774-6373
Why does my secondary water system have low pressure?

Most secondary water systems have filters that need to be cleaned periodically by the home or business owner.  Check that your filter is cleaned regularly.  Also refer to the following guidance from Weber Basin’s website:

My secondary water system is leaking in my yard. Who is responsible for fixing it?

Refer to the following info from Weber Basin’s website to determine typical ownership.

Can I connect to the secondary water system in my area?

Please contact the secondary water company directly to discuss connection opportunities.  Check that your location is within a secondary water service area by using the following map.

When will the secondary water system be turned on?

Secondary water is scheduled to be fully operational by April 15th. We begin the process of filling the system three to four days prior to April 15th; please ensure your valves are off before then to help prevent property damage and wasting water.

When will the secondary water be turned off?

Secondary water will be shut off October 15. There may be residual water in the system for a few days until it's fully drained.

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